Take Flight



"It’s a she…" Aqua repeated slowly, carefully assessing the two-headed beast at it seemed to be trying to goad some sort of action from her. Did it want her to use the spell again? No, she didn’t get that impression from it, especially after both heads had been so perceptive in helping her before. 

"Hey there, girls," she said, flexing her fingers at it in a limp-wristed wave. One of the heads seized an opportunity and pressed it’s snot against her palms as it took a big whiff of whatever it found interesting on her hand. "Sorry, I hurt you before. Thank you, too."

And to think, she initially found this two-headed, fanged, and fire breathing creature to be very frightening at first. It’d seemed more liable to bite her head off than nudge her like a curious pup wanted to be petted. 

Unsure of the proper technique of petting such a thing, Aqua just scratched the end of its nose a little, her nails catching a little on the edges of its scales as it continued to curiously smell her hand. 

She knew the rider was still there and probably wondering just what she was waiting for, but a quick glance told her he was having some sort of silent debate with the black dragon with only a wide array of expressions. It reminded her of her Teacher when she and her friend Terra were young and always underfoot.

And judging from the question, she ventured a guess the black dragon’s expressions had been a smidge more convincing than his rider’s. 

"Yes, thank you. That’d be wonderful," Aqua said, nodding towards the rider. "I wasn’t looking forward to trying to sleep in a tree anytime soon."

She had the idea of at least trying to get to her feet to proper introduce herself, but after taking her hand from the dragon’s nose and using both on her keyblade to try and stand, she decided against her. Her legs had thoroughly protested her attempts to use them right now, not after that kind of a work out. She was cautious to show weakness to anyone nowadays, so she tried to pass it off as an attempt to withdraw her keyblade from the dirt and lay it across her lap. She was shaky all the way through, so trying to hide it was completely useless. 

"You’re being so generous, but… I don’t even know your names," she said curiously. "I’m Aqua, what are yours?"

     ’Generous’ wouldn’t be the exact word he’d choose for this situation;
     more along the lines of: ‘having no choice due to a certain reptile’.
     He must have more tolerance than I do. Perhaps they got off on the wrong
     foot but it still irked him slightly at their deposition. Even with his will
     to keep the peace among the people and dragons—things could 
     get frustrating at one point. Like now. An inclination of defeated shoulders
     told all he was done. She would accept some kind of penalization 
     when they returned to the village but for now—


                “Hiccup, is my name. The negotiating reptile behind me is Toothless.”

     He felt the dragon warble in a greeting, his entire body moving with his words.
     Hearing a scaly tail flop in doing so signaled the fact he liked their new
     acquaintance much to his rider’s disagreement.

                “I suppose he’s more ecstatic to meet you than I am, Aqua.”

     With that he pushed himself up, regaining his balance while
     consciously aware of the dried ailment on his hands. He grimaced, 
     not enjoying the aspect in the least.

                            The sooner they got back to Berk the better.

                “Well now that you’ve healed your new little friend there—
                I’m positive she’ll let you ride her. Zipplebacks can be very
                affectionate. Especially towards someone they seem to like.

     He turned to mount his own dragon while the Night Fury gave him
     a curious look. He stared back—a silent conversation between the two.

                                                       yeah, I know!

"It’s a pleasure to meet the both of you," said Aqua, though she was already the impression that this meeting was already growing a bit strained. Hiccup looked to be fed up with the entirety of this, while Toothless looked about as giddy as a pup with a new toy.

"Well, given that I’ve only read about creatures like him in books, I’m pretty ecstatic to meet Toothless in person, too." She gave the giddy dragon another little wave, too, his antics making her smile. The books certainly didn’t do these guys justice, especially when a number of them described dragons as massive, feriocious, and often with a taste for people who went about trying to take their treasure or slay them.

Of course, now that she could see Hiccup raise to his full height, a certain portion of his appearance made her reconsider if the books weren’t entirely inaccurate. She looked away, not wanting to get caught staring. She would have offered to help with the dirt and blood on him, but it seemed he had had enough for her and her keyblade for now, best to let him handle himself.

“Well now that you’ve healed your new little friend there— I’m positive she’ll let you ride her.”

That suggestion had thrown her for a loop and not in a good way.


The Zippleback seemed to like Hiccup’s idea and had begun to nudge her with both heads. They goaded her on with the same warbles as before, but Aqua wasn’t terribly excited with that idea at all.

Ride her? No… no, no, no… I can’t do that.”

Flying her glider was one thing; it was like an extension of her body and she was always the one in control when she flew. She wasn’t sure how she’d be able to handle it when there were a couple of extra brains added to the equation. The considerable lack of control on her part was worrisome.

"I’ve never even done it before, I’ve only flown on my own…"

Her insistence didn’t seem to deter the Zippleback at all, even with a tone and body language that rejected the idea. It was still trying to prod her into agreeing. One of the heads nudged her shoulder with it’s snout as the other did the same to end of her keyblade.

"… I… Where do I even sit?" She asked, resolve weakening just a little. Logically, it wasn’t the worst option. She was still completely drained from healing the dragon and as of the moment standing was still a chore to her. How would she be able to hang on? Besides, how many free chances would she get to ride a dragon of all things?

"Is this safe?"


i mixed up aqua and paine’s lines but they share a japanese voice actor so at least i wasn’t 100% wrong


i mixed up aqua and paine’s lines but they share a japanese voice actor so at least i wasn’t 100% wrong

I just wanna kiss your lips. The ones between your hips. If I cash in all my chips on you then baby I'd be rich.

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I originally made only ventus, but decided to draw all three after some thought! 
Aqua is dedicated to aquakh, I hope they feel better ; o ; they’re all transparent, too!! 



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"What did you just call me?"


Send me "What did you just call me?" and I will generate a number from 1-40 for what my muse will have called yours.

"Genius, or do I need to repeat it again?"

An obvious tease in his tone as he walked over to flick her nose.

"Big twerp," Aqua laughed, lightly punching him in the arm, "Am not."

//Wanders by, looking like she just got done with a major fight//








          “Umm- Miss Aqua, are you okay?”


Aqua glanced around, almost as if he half expected someone else to be there, lingering in the corner of Roxas’ room and listening to them converse. 

"Not there," She said quietly, "It’s not safe here, we… we need to go back outside. Back where I was… Please help me?"

          Gnawing on his lip, Roxas was silent as he debated on what to do. Aqua did seem to be insistent on doing whatever she wanted to do. If he tried to stop her, she’d just leave anyway. Probably.

                      “Okay. I guess we can go,” he finally mumbled, “But can I first cast a cure spell on you? I don’t want you fainting all over the castle. It wouldn’t be good for either of us.”

          He’d cast curaga if he could. It’d probably take up most of his magic but he had an elixer somewhere around here. Most likely expired but … . It would stil work, right?

"If you insist," Aqua said, pressing the heel of her hand against her head again as she stared at him crookedly. Anything to get things moving along quicker and get them out of here faster.

"You do know how to, right?" Aqua didn’t want to press herself further already. Just aiming right now would have been an issue. 

          The boy nodded. Technically he could cast curaga even though he’d only recently gained the spell. Roxas had only tried it out once or twice on himself but never on any one else. But time was limited and Cura didn’t seem like it would cut it at the moment.

                    “Yeah, I got this,” he said, mostly for his own benefit, “Curaga!” Green healing light enircled Aqua, working it’s magic- hopefully.

          ‘Oh, please, please work,’ Roxas begged silently. Not only did he want to help Aqua but the young Nobody really didn’t want to appear incompetent in front of such a skilled magic user. 

There was a bit of a hiccup of sorts, quite literally Aqua did hiccup aloud, but it seemed the magic had done its work and aside from the disheveled appearance of her clothing and the spot of head on her head, she looked a lot perkier and lot less run down. 

"You… You did good," Aqua said, hesitating as she looked down at her own hands. her wrist didn’t even hurt anymore. And now that she was better, there was no time to waste. 

"Come on, Roxas." Aqua immediately popped up and grabbed his hand to pull him after her. "We can’t leave him alone out there any longer."

     A sigh of relief came from Roxas. Thank Shiva he hadn’t ended up making her worse! Still, he was slightly proud of the fact that it had worked. 

     ”O-oh! Okay!” He was suddenly dragged after her and he stumbled, caught unaware, “Alright! I’m comming!”

Getting back to where she wandered off from was already going to be a challenge. She hadn’t exactly been in the best state to recall landmarks or roads. That, and they were back where Roxas lived, that had to be well away from where she’d been attacked.

"Roxas… you don’t happen to recall where I ran into you?"